Tech View into 2019

The end of 2018 is coming and the start of a new year will bring some new technology both hardware and software, so I hope. Here are a few topics that I’m looking to see and do during 2019.

From Microsoft

Windows Core OS

The launch of the latest Windows version known as Windows Core OS which is expected to be available on many different form factors including new dual screen devices which either opens to show two screens or even a single screen that is fold-able. It is expected to see two different sizes of these devices, perhaps a smaller one that also is a phone and slightly larger for tablet size.


I’m expecting to see “version 2” of this mixed reality device, probably with a faster processor with improved graphics and sensors. The prices should drop and the number of apps supporting this device should drive the sales.

Win 10 ARM Processor Support (32 & 64 bit)

In 2019, users will have the option to purchase tablets based on the ARM processor that most of us have probably used in our mobiles over the years. Microsoft has been working of performance, 64-bit development tools and support for older apps that have been compiled for the 32-bit Wintel environment. Manufactures will be releasing these devices LTE for connectivity and a long battery life, it will be interesting the cost and the take up of these new style tablets.

From Apple

Users : Buy or use of the cloud

Most of the Apple product range has been tweaked or improved recently including the Mac Mini’s as this was long overdue. I wondering if some users might opt to use Mac in the Cloud options rather than purchasing a physical device; I will be doing this for our software development as getting a Mac VM can be a little as $20/month as opposed to buying.

Touch screen for MacBook

A lot of desktop and laptops for Windows 10 users are touch screen now with an optional pen. Windows 10 has made it much better that before but Apple have been reluctant to use touch screen apart from the Touch Bar but I expected this to change and perhaps some announcements towards the end of 2019.

Electric Car

This project has been kept quiet and we’ll probably know more information in 2019; further details here Wiki Page of Car Project. Oh, and watch out from competition from Dyson as two non car companies try to enter the automotive world.

From CADology

CAD Software

In 2019 we are going to release a cloud based service to extract user data from CAD drawing files and this will be developed using the Autodesk Forge technology. Being part of the Autodesk Developer Network since 1988 it only right that we use this technology that Autodesk have invested so much into. We will also continue to develop Add-Ins for AutoCAD and might have one or two in the Autodesk App Store.


Continued development in completing the Obstacle Analysis and ARINC 424 Parser features as soon as possible and once the SDK is at a reasonable stage then we hope to offer an ARINC 424 tool to view the data both in graphical and tabular form.


Well that’s a brief round up of what I’ll be looking and doing in software development in 2019 and that leaves me to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Dawson Bunn

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