SDK: FPAssistant demo apps hosting on GitHub

To assistant in helping developers use the FPAssistant SDK we now have a home page on GitHub. This will be place to find demo apps and examples for existing customers and those who looking at using the SDK in their aviation application.

FPAssistant home page on GitHub

This can be found on GitHub by clicking here. To start with, the first example app is a Windows application that shows some of the API’s in action from the SDK. On each form in the example there is a link to show the relevant API documentation at the online site. The Windows application is targeting .NET 8.0 (at time of writing this blog) and uses the WinForm framework to host the app.

Demo app for FPAssistant SDK

In time we hope that the developer community will expand the use of the demo app but we do plan to extend the features ourselves showing other developers in using the SDK.

If you have any suggestions for further examples of how to do something then please do get in contact with us.

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