FAS Data Block – Data Store Extension

The completion of the FAS Data Block  – Data Store Extension (DSE) option was being delayed because of support for the .NET Standard 2.0 within the Azure Cosmos DB SDK but early in 2019 Microsoft announced version 3.0 of the Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK; this initial public review targets .NET Standard 2.0 which is the default target for the FPAssistant Suite SDK too.

Coding had already started to provide a simple Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete (CRUD) interface to the FasDataBlock class (which can also be used in other FPAssistant classes where parameters might need to be stored). The CRUD interface was developed with a series of unit test using the .NET Framework and now it can be completed to the .NET Standard and added to the product range. But, Azure Cosmos DB SDK has a new programming model so existing code will be change to match the new fluent API. For further information from Microsoft, please visit the links below:

Currently, the FPAssistant class interface for Azure Cosmos DB is not part of the FPAssistant Suite SDK but can be made available upon request. It was expected that not all users would use Azure Cosmos DB as their cloud database option.


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