Tech View into 2021

2021 has now arrived and yesterday the UK was out into another Lockdown to try and prevent the spread of Covid-19. 2020 was a difficult year for most business and people, CADology survived and we were able to continue adding features into FPAssistant Suite and learn about new software and tech.

ARM & possibly not a leg…

One surprise in 2020 was by Apple to are planning to dump Intel processors used in their desktops and laptops computers for their own silicon based on a ARM processor. The advantages include iOS and MacOS software execute without specific compilation targets, Cost and speed. The first processor M1 was available a few months ago and initial reviews have been good. Of course, developers will have to compile and target this platform but it is a good move. Microsoft will follow this path as well. I expect some more advanced from Apple as the year goes by with Microsoft trying to catch up but not to sure what will happen to Intel and AMD.

From Microsoft…

  • Windows 10X/Windows Core OS – Must of been a delay as I was expecting this to arrive in 2020 but I hear that this should be with us very soon
  • .NET 6 – After the launch of .NET 5 we learned that a yearly update is planned. Lots more good features coming
  • .NET MAUI – This is looks interesting and is a .NET Multi-platform App UI, giving a cross-platform native UI for us developers. Due to be released with .NET 6 and there are preview already available; we’ll wait for a mapping component before we take a dive in!

From Apple…

  • M2, Mx – Expect to hear more new Apple developed processors expanding on the M1 Chip; more cores, faster and access more RAM
  • Watch – Long shot, but maybe Watch 7 will support blood pressure!
  • Car – Expect Apple to acknowledge they are working a car

From CADology…

  • CAD Software – Looking to add a geodetic assisting tool for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and Ares Commander to assist those who work in mapping coordinates.
  • FPAssistant SDK – Aerodrome Surfaces (FAA & ICAO), further development for ARINC424 support, complete ARM support, RNP AR Calculations
  • QGIS – Perhaps a Python plugin to load GML files created by the geometry elements in FPAssistant Suite.


Well that’s my assessment of what might be happening this year with software and tech.

Please do make contact if you have any comments or questions.

Dawson Bunn

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