SDK: NuGet Update to FPAssistant SDK Build 2021.4.22

A few days back the latest build of FPAssistant SDK was added to the NuGet Gallery, it has been a few months and the Dev Team has been working to improve, add new features which some have been requested by users. Further details can be found below.

NuGetGallery - FPAssistant SDK

NuGetGallery – FPAssistant SDK

JSON – Features now use the Microsoft JSON tools rather than a 3rd party

CAD Support Framework – Development has started to assist when using the SDK inside a CAD AddIn for products like AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ARES Commander, etc. This includes the benefit of adding CAD entities to the drawing from the GeoMapElements in FPAssistant

GeoCoordinate – Further improvement to working with geocoordinates and a new ProjectCoordinateSystem class added to hold details of a coordinate system which can be set from the CAD drawing

Code Refactoring – Some code has been rearranged to help improved the SDK


If you would like to see any new features or some improvements then please do get in contact.

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