Microsoft announces .NET 6.0

Well, a year later and we now have .NET 6.0 developed by the .NET team and community. This is another great step forward for aviation software developers using the FPAssistant Suite SDK as this is fully now supported for .NET 6.0. This release is a unified development platform and as you can see from the graphic there are many platforms that you can write your aviation app to. The platforms include mobile & desktop app, IoT, Browser and Cloud.

Click here to open the full Announcement of .NET 6.0 – The Fastest Yet. I thought I would share with you my key favourite features of .NET 6.0…

Running on Apple Silicon and ARM – This is the first version of .NET that supports Apple Silicon (Arm64) along with improved support ARM processors. The M1 is the start of Apples own processor and the speed tests show it to be very capable. It will be an interesting 2022 with companies releasing specific version for Apple Silicon and ARM in general.Performance – A lot of work has been completed on make .NET 6.0 faster in all areas over .NET 5. Not only in the processing but in file IO, interface checking and casting.

Programming Targets – With changes to Visual Studio, it make it easier to to have a single code base to target the different Operating Systems that .NET 6.0 supports. You can write for Google Android, Apple (iOS, Mac Catalyst and tvOS), Linux(Arm32/64, x64) and not forgetting Microsoft  Windows (x32/64, Arm64).

There is nothing holding us back to develop aviation apps and tools that get created from a single code base and support by nearly all the popular hardware and software combinations, get a head start and use FPAssistant Suite SDK to get you going.

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