ICAO Basic ILS Surface: Tool and API

Work has progressed to add the functionality for ICAO Basic ILS surfaces and this development included lots of new classes for the SDK.

ICAO Basic ILS Surfaces

Here is a screen shot of a completed basic ILS surface drawn using Microsoft Bing maps, only a few parameters are needed to calculate the points that define the polygons you see coloured in cyan.

For the API, a new map element was added and this is a GeoPolygon. This can be made up of 3 or more points and it can have a fill colour along with an transparency value.

Support was added for different types of map projections and offering a choice in the type of map elements returned, in this case it could be 3D polygons or a set of 2D polylines.




SDK Usage

An example in calling the API that will return a collection of map elements to be drawn on your chosen graphics engine.

BasicIlsSurfaces basicIlsSurface = new BasicIlsSurfaces
    BasePoint = new GeoCoordinate(LatitudeCardinalDirection.N, 0, 0, 0, LongitudeCardinalDirection.E, 0, 0, 0),
    DirectionOfFlight = new CompassBearing(90),
    HeightMSL = heightMSL
GeoMapElementCollection geoMapElementCollection = basicIlsSurface.CreateGeographicalGeometry(CoordinateSystems.FindByMapProjection(MapProjections.UTM_WGS84), GraphicalRespresentation.PolygonLines3D);


API Documentation : BasicIlsSurfaces Class

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