FAA PBN – RNAV and RNP 1 Departure Calculations

Just added are the 3 calculations from 8260 Volume 3 covering the RNAV and RNP 1 Departures, these are:

  • Projected Altitude
  • VA Segment Distance
  • VA Segment Termination Altitude
  • ROC, CG and Climb Gradient Termination Altitude

These are available in the SDK and coming very soon to the Windows 10 App

SDK Usage

 PbnCalculations pbnCalclations = new PbnCalculations(Criteria.FaaTerps);
     Altitude ProjectedAltitude = pbnCalclations.ProjectedAltitude(
     new Altitude(15000, AltitudeUnits.Feet),
     new LinearDistance(100, LinearDistanceUnits.NM),
     new LinearDistance(55, LinearDistanceUnits.NM),

The above example shows the method to calculated the Projected Altitude, in this case a minimum of three parameters are required with an optional fourth (see above passed as null). The PBN calculations are held within a single class which is instantiated by passing the criteria required and then calling any of the associated member functions, in the example above .ProjectedAltitude();

API Documentation : PbnCalculations Class

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