Tech View into 2020

2020 has now arrived and I have just been attending “Microsoft Ignite The Tour” in London which was quite interesting in many ways. The agenda, as expected, presented a lot of cloud based tech around Azure. One area I would like to investigate this year is the use of ‘Containers” and Docker seems one of the leaders but I need more time!

From Microsoft…

  • Windows 10X/Windows Core OS – These are now due towards the end of the year, it will be interesting to see how Windows 10x gets supported by the other vendors and also how Microsoft ship Core OS on other platforms.
  • Surface Duo – A dual screen mobile phone running Google Android but I’m wondering if we see a Core OS flavour coming as well or perhaps into 2021.
  • .NET 5 – A unified platform, this is the bring together of the .NET Frameworks and .NET Core. As a developer I’m looking forward to this but it may take some time for existing products and new products to make full use of the features; more details at Introducing .NET 5.

From Apple…

  • Watch – Series 6: I have just taken the plunge and purchased an Apple Watch 5 and, so far, I’m very pleased with it. Hopefully in September we”ll what the 6th generation watch has to offer. It might not need an iPhone to support the watch but hopefully they will keep this as an option.
  • Cloud offerings – I expect to see Apple announce some more cloud features.
  • MacOS / iOS – More work to merge these two OS’s might be seen but this is a major project so don’t hold your breath!

From CADology

  • CAD Software – In February, we’ll be attending one of the  Autodesk Forge Accelerator programs and this will be to use the AutoCAD flavoured Design Automation API. Looking to improve our knowledge of Revit plugins and keeping up with AutoCAD, if we getting another release from Autodesk this year.
  • FPAssistant SDK – This will be expanded to handle more geodetic calculations, hopefully the next stage of ARINC 424 support and other customer requests.
  • QGIS – Last year we came across this Open Source GIS product and we’ll be looking at ways to develop plugins.


Well that’s a brief round up of what we might expect to see in 2020 and what I’ll be progressing in software development in 2020.

Please do make contact if you have any questions.

Dawson Bunn

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