SDK: .NET 6.0 Support with Microsoft system updates

Developer requested upgrades and news is detailed below but in short the developer team has switched to developing the SDK now using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022. This enables host of new features and we are looking at .NET MAUI for support for macOS and mobiles although this is still early stages.

.NET 6.0

.NET 6.0 support has been added to the FPAssistant SDK: This has been achieved by adding another project that targets .NET 6.0. It seems that .NET is progressing quickly with a year cadence for releases (.NET 7.0 is due later this year and is already available in Preview). We have dropped support for .NET 5.0.

Windows SDK Upgrade

The SDK will now target Windows SDK 10.0.19041.0 (from 10.0.18362), this is due to required support for Windows 11 and also that Visual Studio 2022 does not install the required runtimes for the C++ components (they have to installed manually).

Visual Studio 2022

The SDK is now developed using the latest release from Microsoft of Visual Studio which is 2022.


And if you have any questions then please do contact Dawson Bunn.

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